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My name is Janet. I'm in my (*faints*) very early thirties, which means that I do post adult content from time to time. If you are underage and follow me, blacklist #nsfw and you'll be safe. I'm from the state of Alabama, but I'm a liberal. I love multiple fandoms, but my faves are True Blood, Glee, Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, and most things Whedon. I also love reading. You may know me from my other tumblrs or from my non-tumblr blog, fuzzypinkslippers.com. I also tweet, do reviews, and use LiveJournal. I make icons, too. Check out some of the people I follow on Tumblr. There are of this blog.

2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Janet has read 0 books toward her goal of 75 books.

Oh boy, I’m gonna have to start calling him Starlord for the rest of his life.


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Dude on OKC: What are you doing on this site?
What I Wanted to Say: I’m a serial killer and I’m looking for victims.
What I Actually Said: Looking for a relationship or friendship.
What I Wanted to Add: Duh.

My reply is “I’m looking for an army of ostriches, why else would I be on a dating site?”

I have a friend who says she’s looking for math tutors. The occasional moment a guy says he’s good at math, she adds “Wonderful, I just need 49 more tutors!”

From experience I can say that I have asked this question, too. There is actually a reason and it is usually based on previous experience. I’ve met many women online who will list: short term dating, long term dating on their profile, and even answer the question ‘Totally Willing!’ to the question about meeting someone, but even after spending two months chatting online and only being 10 miles apart still won’t agree to a meeting.

Hence - “I can see what you said on your profile, but why are you really here?”

If the intention is to chat endlessly online, then I will have to take a pass because I want a ‘proper’ date where we are both in the same room. Some women apparently think ‘short term dating’ means online contact only.

Edit: I should add that by chatting online I mean 2 way, real conversations about real things, interesting things. I’m not talking about I send 100 messages that go unanswered.

I could see it being relevant in that case.

This guy followed up my answer with a question about if I’m cool with distance. Again, this could have been a relevant question, since I’m actually open to that. When I said that, he started suggesting, without knowing anything else about me, that we might eventually be getting married, which made me a little uncomfortable given that I had been talking to him for a few minutes. And it’s the second time that this particular kind of conversation has happened.